Everybody has a story, but few people manage to make their stories be heard and fewer people listen to the stories of others. This is the society we live in, a society full of judgmental people and less shoulders to cry on, full of people who try their best to fit in and be the “ideal” boy or girl and less different ones with their own personality, their own beliefs, their own appearance, their own existence. Most people try to live the “ideal” life seen in movies or try to be someone they’re not.

But what about that small percentage of people that are different? We are misunderstood. Or at least I was until I stopped caring about what other people say.

I don’t have to wear designer clothes to say I am rich. Money doesn’t buy happiness. I don’t have to look like Kylie Jenner or other gorgeous celebrities to be beautiful. A beautiful face will fade away in time, but a beautiful soul will never stop being beautiful. I don’t have to have a certain personality for someone to like me. And I absolutely do not need to try to be living the perfect life most people live when I have my own fucking one.

So be different, don’t let anyone make the rules in your life. Be careful, it’s not easy. I have been through a lot of hard times throughout these years, which I will tell you about in my next posts. But believe me, it is worth it.


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